No-Gi Grappling Launceston
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No-Gi Grappling is a sport focused martial art that also builds effective self-defence skills & is great for fitness. The sport is fast growing in popularity worldwide.

No-Gi Grappling combines the attributes of Jiu Jitsu & Wrestling in an attempt to maintain a dominant position at all times while working for submissions (joint-locks & chokeholds) to force an opponent to submit.

Unlike other forms of Jiu-Jitsu, No-Gi Grappling is performed without the traditional uniform called the "Gi"; therefore the techniques are modified to accommodate the inability to control an opponent by the Gi. This style of grappling is a key feature of MMA competitions like the popular UFC and other cage fighting tournaments.

No-Gi tends to be a faster paced game which is great for fitness and conditioning. Our No-Gi Grappling class is focused on the fundamentals of the No-Gi game and is suitable for all levels.

During the class you will learn the key points & techniques of the No-Gi game such as how to defend, escape, control & submit an opponent. You will also have the chance to put your skills into practice during our sparring session, also known as rolling.

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